Samy Missoum

Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Professor of Applied Mathematics.

Director of CODES Lab.











Lab Members: 


     S Saeed Ahmadisoleymani | PhD Candidate | Mechanical Eng

  • Solid Mechanics with PhD minor focusing on Machine Learning for Design.
  • Vehicle Crashworthiness Optimization.
  • Prediction of Traumatic Brain Injuries in vehicle crashes.
  • Stochastic Design Optimization.







     Luis Ballesteros | PhD Student | Mechanical Engineering

  • Concentration in Dynamics and Vibration with minor in ECE.
  • Random Vibration in payload launchers.
  • Works as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer at Raytheon.








Bharath Pidaparthi

     Bharath Pidaparthi | PhD Student | Mechanical Engineering

  • Fluid & Thermal Systems with minor focused on Machine Learning for Design.
  • Heat Transfer Augmentation - Concentrated Solar Power.
  • Multifidelity Modeling, Reliability Analysis, and Optimization Algorithms.











Mishal Thapa (Post Doc)

Ethan Boroson (Master)

Remi Lanza (Visiting student)

Peng Jiang (PhD)

Sylvain Lacaze (PhD)

Christoph Dribusch (PhD and Post Doc)

Anirban Basudhar (PhD)

Ron Layman (Master)

Carolyn Hutchins (Master)

Regina Reed (Master)

Sumit Kumar (Master)

Antonio Hasrrison (Master)

Fatma Mokdad (Master)

Henry Arenbeck (Master, Co-advised with Dr. Nikravesh)

Akshay Gupte (Master, Co-advised with Dr. Sen)


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